Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stitchin, stitchin and More stitchin

I've been busy stitching on "Leo" and I've made a LOT of progress.  Unfortunately I left most of the background and now I'm forced to go back and stitch all the boring parts....At first I didn't think it was much, but realize there is probably almost 2 pages of just really light blues...

When this is finished I plan on going back to "Deidre".  She's been feeling neglected.

My friend Chelsea had been working on a piece from Scarlet Quince called "All is Vanity".  It was for her husband and she'd been struggling with doing it as it is all blacks and grays and quite a dark piece.  Chelsea was more drawn to bright colors.  I am going to be finishing it for her husband and when he is ready to let it go, he is going to mail it to me.  I'm not worried about stitching it and I know it probably won't take too long, but I am a bit worried about how emotional I may feel when I begin it.  Chelsea talked about this piece of stitching a LOT, mainly because she felt guilty about working on her other projects when she had promised Robert she would finish it.  My on-line group have been watching it grow slowly for over a year and I think I'll somehow feel connected to Chelsea when it arrives.  I hope she's happy that it will get finished and will be smiling down on me.

Greg and I went to a party at a friend's home on Sunday.  We didn't know a lot of people that were there and it was different then the usual get togethers with friends.  She has a lot of friends who are musicians and they had constructed a stage of sorts and the band played throughout the day.  It was mainly country music with a little rock and pop tunes thrown in.  Thankfully the rain held off and although it wasn't sunny, it was pleasant.  We had our cooler with wine and and other concoctions and there was plenty of food.  What struck me while there was the age of most of the people.  Had I gone back in time and was at a party with my parents and their friends????  Or have I just got old.

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How lovely that you are going to complete Chelsea's piece, it will mean so much to her husband. I'm sure she will be guiding your hand as you stitch!