Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramblins about Weight Loss

When I was young (so long ago) I never had to worry about my weight.  I was so skinny as a child that mom even wrote a poem about it

"Skinny you and Squeaky too,
But we love every inch of you"

She wrote that in my autograph book and I still remember it...I think it was because she said she loved me and my family was never big on expressing their love for one another.

Then I hit 30 and had a baby.....I was only 115 lbs when I got pregnant and at the height of my pregnancy I only weighed 130 lbs.  I felt great !!!!  Then, the weight wouldn't come off and it started to climb.  What was happening to me????  This went on for about 2 or 3 years and finally I'd had enough and started to lose some weight.  It came off fairly easily and pretty soon I was back down to around 115 lbs.  I guess I wasn't meant to stay there though as it quickly went back up to 125 and I stayed there for quite sometime.

Then menopause hit me in my early 40's and I blossomed.  It didn't help that I have always hated exercise.  I wasn't worried, I just bought bigger clothes.  Then I met my future husband and the weight started to increase AGAIN.  I think it's true what they say...if you're content and happy, you eat more.  When we decided to get married, I had reached around 170 lbs...UGH...I went searching for wedding dresses and I hated myself.  I wanted to look good for the wedding and at 170 lbs, it was going to take a pretty amazing dress.  That is when I joined a weight loss program.  For 3 months I ate only their food and weighed in weekly.  It was expensive, but I lost 30 lbs.   I bought a gorgeous dress and I felt "pretty" for the wedding.  Within a year after ending the program, the weight had crept back onto my body...  I should add that DH also gained about 20 lbs after we got together and he loves me no matter what my weight is.  The problem is I don't love me when I get heavy.

So after 8 years of wedded bliss I found myself heavier then I'd ever been.  That's when I started on Monavie's RVL weight management program.  Couple of shakes a day, couple of snack bars and I'm all set.  I can still eat a normal meal and go as fast or as slow as I want to.

As of today's date, I have lost 27 lbs and only have another 19 lbs to get back to my goal weight.  I feel GREAT, like I'm not even on any kind of a diet.  I cheat without guilt as there is life beyond a diet.  And the best thing of all is I know that with this program I am putting healthy stuff into my body.  When I've lost all the weight, I can continue to drink the shakes (which are delicious) and can maintain at my desired weight.

Will I ever be 125 lbs again.  No, probably not....that's not how skinny I want to be.  All my wrinkles would show, but could I be if I wanted to?  You bet your sweet bippy !!!!

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