Friday, November 28, 2008

I have no life

I have been stitching stitching stiching and not much else....

Here's my progress on "Sylph" a cross stitch design by Heaven and Earth Designs. The original artwork is from the artist Rachel Anderson. This is 4 months work and it is only 1/3 done. I'm not complaining though as I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Unless you are a stitcher you probably don't understand how you can do these tiny little crosses over and over and over again, but to me it is a lot of fun. I can't imagine watching TV without my stitching in hand. This can be a bit annoying to my DH as I have a very bright OTT floor lamp on the whole time I'm stitching.

Now, having said I have no life, I don't normally feel that way until someone asks me what I've been doing with myself since I retired.......then I have to really think about it. I wonder if they think I am crazy if I tell them I've been stitching. Most of them wouldn't understand and would probably feel sorry for me. Most of the time, I don't tell them....they just don't get it and thus they don't really get me.....

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