Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Knitting as the Temperature Dips

WOW, it is COLD.....It snowed Friday night and has been snowing off and on since.  They are saying that we will get really dumped on come Thursday night.  Who are 'They' anyway and how do they know so much???

I just know that I hate the cold.  I don't like going out in it and all I want to do is wrap myself up in a cozy quilt and knit or stitch.

I'm kind of behind here.  Since my last entry I've knit another shawl.  It was the clarus shawl again, only this time in a 100% cashmere wool from Colourmart in a lace weight.  I've had the wool for years as I bought it one other time when the knitting urge struck me.  It's a beautiful color...a light mossy green with a cream coloured strand.  It was different knitting with this wool as it's industrial and has never been washed, so it feels kind of rough and smells a bit like oil while you're knitting, but after a lovely little bath it softens right up and is oh SO SOFT and gorgeous!!!!!  I love it...
This was it right after knitting...doesn't look like much

On the Blocking Boards after it's bath

Lovely Drape

Close up Detail

My only regret with this is that I made the smaller size and now I wish that I'd made the big one.  I do have enough wool to do it again though, so I may just do that.  I think I'm going to wash the wool first this time though, so it feels better to knit with.

While I'm on this roll I thought I should try knitting a sweater this time.  I picked out a pattern called "Audrey in Unst" which I saw on Ravelry.com and also saw it made up in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which I just happen to have.

Here's the start...lots and lots of twisted ribbing which took forever it seemed.  I love the color of this wool.  It's a great emerald type green.  I'm still not sure about the wool.  It gives great stitch definition, but every little pull on the wool shows up (like how cotton does) and I'm not sure I like that as it usually doesn't look really nice for a long time.

The Ribbing

Baxter - who gives me all that extra "fiber" I need in the wool

Jan 16, 2012 - Slow but sure...I have to keep reminding myself that I'm woring the backs and both sides as one, so of course it's going slow....It feels all squishy...It's supposed to be a light weight wool, but it sure feels like it'll be nice and warm.

I've also been working on 'my' square for Chelsea's project.  By itself it doesn't look like much, but I've received 3 finished squares already and it is starting to look like something.  Only 16 more squares to have come in....

Here's my square
Not a lot left to do, just some fiddly stitches here and there

Jillians Square from New Zealand

Maricel's Square from California

Melissa's Square from Texas

It's going to be a wonderful experience putting them all together...can hardly wait to start that process.

Had a wonderful Christmas this year.  It was only going to be my husband, my 28 year old son and I this year and I was a little worried that between Christmas Eve to Boxing Day we'd run out of things to talk about, but some good friends invited us to their home for dinner.  We used to be neighbours and my son Richard actually used to babysit for them.  They were having a few couples over as well who also didn't have large families to share Christmas with.  We all brought a dish (I brought my delicious Cauliflower with Proscuitto Ham and Swiss Cheese and lots of garlic - always a hit) and a "Bumbleberry" pie.   We knew everyone (all 17 of them) and had a wonderful time.
To thank Lisa for hosting the Christmas Extravaganza I made the decision to gift her with the shawl I'd made previously.  I'd shown it to her prior to Christmas and she loved it.  Since she's a red head I knew it was the perfect colour for her.

We also spent New Years Eve with this same couple.  We've spent New Years Eve with them almost every year since 2000 and it's become kind of a tradition.  Good friends are so good to have.  New Years eve was more low key with just the four of us and we spent the night eating fondue.  YUMMMY

The parties don't seem to be ending though and this past Saturday night we went out (once again with the same friends) to help celebrate her 50th birthday.  We went to a great Greek restaurant that has a live band and dancing and had a wonderful night.  Another friend was also celebrating his 61st birthday.  It helps that we're all crazy and had a good time despite the snow that was falling.

Greg and I

The Birthday Girl and her hubby

The Birthday Boy and his wife

The Birthday Girl Lisa, is also my gym buddy and although she looks sweet in the picture above, she cracks the whip and helps keep me going to the gym.  I guess that's a good thing.

Till next time...


Joke said...

A beautiful shawl you knitted! And I love your stitching :)

Honeybee (Melissa) said...

Your knitting is GORGEOUS! Someday I'll do more than just dabble with knitting. You'll have to share your Califlower and Bumbleberry pie recipies on the Love 2 Stitch BB. They sound delish!

leeni1176 said...


Melissa I put the recipe on the BB ... The bumbleberry pie I can't take credit for. We have a place that we found that makes the most fantastic pies. You buy them frozen and then cook yourself, and they taste homemade, so sorry, no recipe. This place is a working berry farm so all the berries are local....and soooooo good...We buy quite a few before they close for the winter and just keep them frozen till needed.

Joysze said...

Your shawl is amazingly beautiful!! Love the teal color of your knitting.