Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Finishes, some Beginnings

Just a Quick Update

Well I finished knitting up my two Skywalker shawls and here they are as they are drying on the blocking boards.

My first was knit using JoJoland Melody wool.  Sadly the color is no longer available.  It had been in my stash for quite a long time...

This is my second Skywalker shawl.  It was knit in a fingering weight 100% Alpaca yarn that I bought on ebay a few years ago.  It is absolutely wonderful wool and I loved working with it.  I believe the manufacturer is no longer in business as I've been unable to locate them anywhere.  Luckily I bought a lot of it a few years ago and have lots left.

And here is my newest project.  It's another shawl, this one is called Clarus by Laura Nelkin.  It is the second design in the course I'm taking through
This one is also in 100% Alpaca fingering weight wool and it is a joy to knit with.  This shows it at line 40....I'm now at line 125 of the chart and only have about 35 more rows to go before I start the border...then another 20+ rows and I'll be done....shouldn't be too much longer.

Have I told you how much fun this course is????  I'm going to learn to knit socks next.  Is there no stopping me????

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Joysze said...

I love the colors of your Skywalker shawls!

Can't wait to see your socks!! :D