Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I hate the gym

I've always hated working out and going to a gym, so I didn't for a looooonnnnnngggggg time....Hence, I got quite heavy...of course this had nothing to do with the amount of junk food I could consume in one sitting  8^)

In January I started on a weight loss program called RVL from Monavie.  My DH and I are distributors and have been drinking their amazing juice for well over a year now.    The RVL program consists of having one of their nutritious shakes for breakfast, a delicious snack bar for a mind morning snack along with a capsule full ofgood stuff...another shake for lunch, another snack bar and capsule for a snack and then a sensible dinner.  The capsules actually take away your cravings for junk food.    I was very happy that with no exercise to speak of (except for hitting the button on my bullet when preparing my shake) and loads of stitching (don't laugh, you actually do use calories to stitch) , I still managed to lose 21 lbs.  With almost another 30 to lose, I decided I'd better step up my game.

That's when I joined the gym.  It's just down the block from my home and Trevor Linden (you know the famous hockey player) opened it in February of this year and it is extremely cheap.  How could I NOT go !!!!!

Well, I signed up, then felt intimidated to actually go.  I mean there'd be 20 something young fit girls there would who take one look at me and run screaming from the premise.  Unfortunately, I mean fortunately my good friend who had been away for a year returned and talked me into going with her.  I found out that the young things don't really care about me or what I look like, they are just into staring at themselves in the million mirrors around the room.  I felt safe.  Everything was going along fine until my "friend" suggested we try a yoga class.  I hesitated at first and then thought "why not"..the gym hasn't been too bad, how bad could yoga be???

Now Yoga and a lack of balance don't really go well together in my opinion.  I suffer from meniere's disease (a disease of the inner ear which has left me deaf in my right ear, suffering from tinitus and a decreased sense of balance)..all was well until a certain pose where I was leaning on my right hand which is also not in good shape since I had a joint replaced at the base of my thumb.  Somehow supporting all my weight on my already weakened wrist, didn't do my joint any good and I now have an appointment with the original surgeon to see what he thinks and if it can be fixed.  Ok, I can live with the pain...not a biggie...

Then last week I walked into a machine while doing the circuit at the gym and now have a bruise,  what my DH describes as a huge Nebula on my left leg.  Really it does look like a nebula from far out in outer space.  It's about 6" all around.   The kicker was today when I was sitting down at one of the machines and missed the seat and ended up falling on my rear (thank god it's still somewhat padded).  It probably could have been worse, but I broke the fall with my already sore wrist, which has swollen up again.

The good thing is that it is Monday and I don't go back to this place again till Wednesday.

I'm supposed to be getting fit, not broken.....yikes...

I will continue though as I still have another 25 lbs to lose and already I feel more buff...the wiggle on my underarms doesn't seem nearly as bad as it did before.

Oh, I should mention that not one of the pretty skinny young buff girls staring at themselves in the mirrors, asked me if I was ok after my fall.

Ok, enough about that...except to say that I really wish that I thought of the gym as being "fun" like so many people do...I think they are all lying.

On a different note, on July 1st of this year for Canada Day, DH and I went to a "Hanger" party at a local small airport.  We have a friend who owns a 4 seater plane which he keeps in said hanger.  Every year they have a party and it's great.  Early on, he takes those who'd like to go up for a ride, on a 20 minute ride over the neighbourhood.  DH is afraid of heights and small planes, so he won't go up, but this year we took my 27 year old son and he and I went up in the plane.  What a lot of fun.  Sure different then being in a large jet while travelling across the country.  Richard had been thinking of taking some flying lessons so was really interested in the whole thing.  He got to steer the plane, the only time during the flight I felt a little nervous.  He also took some terrific pictures and said I could share them.  The view from up there was wonderful and makes me remember why I love living on the west coast of Canada.

My Neighbourhood - the evil gym is along the bottomof the picture at the bottom of the Hydro green space...which is all vertical (hard to tell from the picture)..our home is in the lower left quadrant.

Great View of Indian Arm in background and White Pines Beach - It isn't summer till we get to swim here....right now it's been too cold and the water will be brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Burrard Inlet, SFU Campus atop Burnaby Mountain, and Vancouver in the background

My home is in the middle here...we weren't really this close, he just had a great Zoom on the camera

Vancouver in the distance

Looking Eastward along the Fraser River with the Golden Ears Bridge

WHAT an incredible experience.....


StitchCat said...

Your stitching is awesome. Looks like you had a lot of fun on that plane trip.

Shelleen said...

What a fun plane ride. Have a better time at your next gym schedule.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, new follower here! I found you via the Jill Rensel blog. Gorgeous work (from you both!!).

I read about your Meniere's disease with interest as I've just been chatting with someone on FB about it. It is not well-known outside the deaf community (the main sufferers from it) so it is very strange to "meet" three people within a week. My ex-husband was a sufferer though his was well under control. He was advised to reduce the salt in his diet. Have you heard that? It may help.
Persevere with the exercise too, I never really enjoyed the gym but always felt better afterwards. Now I just walk alot and run round after 2 kids!

leeni1176 said...

you are so right Jo...Diet plays a big part with Meniere's Disease. I've found that artifical sweetners are really bad for me. I can handle a bit, but have to be very careful. Salt doesn't seem to affect me either way though. I know about 3 people from my old job who also suffer with it. Makes me wonder if the job had something to do with it. I wore a headset for over 30 years.